Polypropylene bags

Polypropylene bags are one of the most demanded modern types of packaging for bulk products. Convenient storage and transportation, durability, resistance to moisture and temperature extremes are some of the few characteristics of this product. They are suitable for most food and industrial bulk goods, such as sugar, flour, cereals, fertilizers, granulated plastics, construction mixtures etc.

The specific production of this product is that it allows manufacturing of polypropylene bags with a variety of individual characteristics for each customer: the high durability, stitching, liner, vent, company logo, etc.

The basic characteristics of the offered product:

  • Polypropylene bag with polyethylene liner (for sugar)
  • Type: anti-slip
  • Capacity, kg: 50
  • Size, cm: 56(+1) * 96(+1)
  • Weight, g: 106 (+2)
  • Fabric density: 39*39 threads per 10 cm
  • HDPE liner, cm: 58(+1) * 107(+1), inserted and straightened in the bottom of the bag, not sewn
  • Bottom stitching, double, one or two rolls
  • Color: milky white, non-transparent
  • Without logo

If case of necessity to produce the bag with characteristics different from basic, please do not hesitate to contact us and/or write your individual request.

Waiting for your orders.

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