Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene (PP) is a white granular polymer - product of the polymerization of propylene. Among all plastics it has the lowest density of 0.90 g/cm3, is resistant to abrasion, is almost not exposed to corrosion spreading and more heat-resistant than polyethylene. However, polypropylene has greater sensitivity to light and oxygen, which decreases with introduction of stabilizers.

There are such main types of polypropylene as homopolymer, block copolymer and random copolymer.

Homo-polymer of propylene (homo-PP) has a crystalline structure. The main advantage of homo-PP is the presence of highly hard mechanical properties. Homo-polymer has high stiffness, but at low temperatures it becomes very fragile. At low temperatures, it is recommended to use the block copolymer.

Block copolymer (block-PP) is characterized by improved impact resistance, which explains the increased frost resistance of the material. Improving the impact resistance is accompanied by decrease in hardness and stiffness of the material.

Random-copolymer (random-PP) has good insulating properties, although slightly worse than the homo-polymer and, especially the block copolymer, but these properties are maintained in a wider temperature range. Mechanical properties of random copolymer have an intermediate position between homo - and block-copolymers, characterized by a balance of stiffness and impact resistance.

Processing of polypropylene is implemented by means of injection molding, film blowing, sheet extrusion, blow molding extrusion, injection blow molding, injection molding, compression molding.

The main products of polypropylene: films, pipes, bags, items of technical equipment and vehicles, household items, non-woven materials.



Homo, yarnTPP D30STKNPZ, TM2,7-3,7Excellent machinability, excellent mechanical propertiesMonofilament, yarn, filamentary threads, rigid sheets for molding food packaging
Homo, film (BOPP)TPP D382BFTKNPZ, TM2,7-3,7Excellent dielectric properties, high transparency, high strength and stability during processingBOPP films and PP films
Homo, fibreTPP F79FBTKNPZ, TM10-15,Excellent technical ability of sizing fibers and high resistance to fadingFiber for the production of products in medical fields, filters and fibres in the automotive, light and furniture industry
Homo, yarnY-130Uz-Kor Gaz, UZ3-5,High strength, Good melting processability, Good anti gas-fadingMonofilament, Yarn
Homo, film (OPP)FO-130AUz-Kor Gaz, UZ2,8-3,2Good gloss, transparence and antistaticGeneral OPP film
Homo, fibreFR-160Uz-Kor Gaz, UZ24-27Good anti gas-fading & WeatherabilityMultifilament, Belt
Homo, fibreFR-170HUz-Kor Gaz, UZ8-12,Good anti gas-fading & WeatherabilityMultifilament, BCF, Staple fiber
Homo, injectionJ-150Uz-Kor Gaz, UZ23-33High stiffnessHousewares, General supplies
Homo, injectionJ-160Uz-Kor Gaz, UZ0,8-1,2High stiffnessHousewares, General supplies
Homo, injectionJ-170TUz-Kor Gaz, UZ14-22High stiffness, flowability and good transparencyHousewares, General supplies, Transparent stationery, Disposable syringes
Block, sheetB-320Uz-Kor Gaz, UZ13-19High transparency, High processabilityIndustrial sheets, Food packaging tray, etc.
Block, injectionJ-360Uz-Kor Gaz, UZ55-65High stiffness and high impact resistanceBattery case, Case for home appliances
Block, injectionJM-380Uz-Kor Gaz, UZ7-9,High stiffness, flowability and high impact resistanceBig size injection molding products Electric home appliances
Random, filmFC-550Uz-Kor Gaz, UZ15-19Good transparence and low heat seal temperatureHeat sealant layer for CPP film
Random, injectionJ-560SUz-Kor Gaz, UZ14-22Good stiffness / impact balance, High transparency, High gloss, High hinge property, Low smellCosmetics container & cap, Food container, Transparency case, Stationery, Disposable syringe, CD/DVD case, etc
Random, injectionJ-570SUz-Kor Gaz, UZ23-33Good stiffness / impact balance, High transparency, High gloss, High hinge property, Low smellCosmetics container & cap, Food container, Transparency case, Stationery, Disposable syringe, CD/DVD case, etc
HomoPP H030 GPPoliom, RU2,5-3,5Heat stability, resistance to corrosion, resistance to thermo-oxidative degradationSheets and profiles, yarn, injection molding of various products and production of mixtures for various application
HomoPP H030 GP/3Tobolsk-Polymer, RU3Medium melt flow range, an optimal stabilization package and balanced physical and mechanical propertiesGeneral purpose grade, it is recommended for Injection Molding, Extrusion and Thermoforming
HomoBalen 01030UOS, RU2,4-4,0High resistance to thermo-oxidative aging, increased resistance to fading and cleaning agents, improved technology and antistatic propertiesProducts technical and a household purpose, food contact, toys
Homo, injectionBalen 01270UOS, RU22-30High resistance to thermo-oxidative agingTextured and not textured filament, thin staple fibers, products, food contact products, toys

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