Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)

Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) is related to the polyolefins and is a high-molecular compound of the copolymer of ethylene with vinyl acetate. It is light and elastic material having good shock absorbing properties. It is much superior to polyethylene in the transparency and elasticity at low temperatures, and possesses high adhesion to various materials.

The content of vinyl acetate determines the mechanical properties of EVA. The increase in the content of VA (vinyl acetate) causes an increase in adhesion, elasticity, transparency, density, but at the same time, reducing the damaging tensile stress, heat resistance, hardness, crystallinity. Copolymers with a low content of vinyl acetate have properties similar to properties of low density polyethylene.

EVA is applied in manufacturing of films, sheets, hoses, cable jacket, for casting footwear and toys. Also, EVA found wide application in production of the compounds with other polymers, for example rubber, PVC or polyethylene, as well as mixtures with fillers and additives.


V218Ube-Maruzen, JP 2.518High transparency, flexibilitySheet,foamed product, transparent sheet, shoe sole
VZ732Ube-Maruzen, JP 626High transparency, stretchability, flexibilityTransparent sheet, foamed product, modifier

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