Purchase and export of grain

Company TransChem from Mid 2014 started developing a new foodstuff area of its activity. Considering the contacts and employees’ expertise as well as close business relations with the grain trader Agricom the Board of Directors of Company TransChem has made strategic decision to enter new area of trading with foodstuffs.

Pilot project becomes export of grain-crops to the Middle Eastern countries. We offer products of high quality and at best prices.

To our partners belong such companies as Agricom, Bunge C.I.S. and SGS Vostok Limited. Warehouses of TransChem are located in ports of Atrakhan and Poti.

Company has a logistical branch in the port of Astrakhan allowing prompt delivery of the purchased goods in shortest terms.<

We employ specialists with highly professional knowledge and use innovative approach to solution of complex problems. All our employees are oriented for high-quality execution of their tasks.
Working with us you can be sure in your success.

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